Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Now On Display At Design Studio Furniture Chicago

Artist Dave Borchers creates 6-7 foot tall mixed media sculpture that combine found art-glass from the 1920's-1970's, with metal.The first display of this work, a collaboration with artist Corbett Reynolds, was at  NYU University Broadway Windows in January, 2002. As a tribute to Reynolds: friend, mentor and collaborator, deceased shortly after this exhibit, each sculpture is signed in his name.

During his extensive travels throughout the USA as one of the premier antique art-glass dealers, Borchers has taken his knowledge of art-glass and applied it to finding perfectly suited pieces to create these unique one of a kind sculptures. Through his 20 years of collaborations with Corbett Reynolds on many forms of art, including: silk-screening, metal sculpture and installation art, Borchers has developed a keen eye for color, balance, and symmetry, critical in the creation of the sculptures.
Since 2002, Borchers has created sculptures that have been exhibited in major cities throughout the USA and have been purchased for collections in cities abroad, including: Paris, Moscow, Toronto, Mexico City, and Shanghai.

Borchers work has been written about in major publications, including:

  • Le Soleil Magazine- November 2009
  • The Los Angeles Times- April 2009
  • The Miami Herald- August 2006
  • The New York Times- March 2006
Private and public collections include:

  • Pearl Lam- Contrasts Galleries, Shanghai
  • Steve Wynn- Wynn Hotels, Las Vegas
  • Todd Oldham- Designer, New York City
  • Cindy Sherman- Photographer, New York City
  • Dana Galler- Design Studio Furniture, Chicago

Monday, October 4, 2010