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Now On Display At Design Studio Furniture Chicago

Artist Dave Borchers creates 6-7 foot tall mixed media sculpture that combine found art-glass from the 1920's-1970's, with metal.The first display of this work, a collaboration with artist Corbett Reynolds, was at  NYU University Broadway Windows in January, 2002. As a tribute to Reynolds: friend, mentor and collaborator, deceased shortly after this exhibit, each sculpture is signed in his name.

During his extensive travels throughout the USA as one of the premier antique art-glass dealers, Borchers has taken his knowledge of art-glass and applied it to finding perfectly suited pieces to create these unique one of a kind sculptures. Through his 20 years of collaborations with Corbett Reynolds on many forms of art, including: silk-screening, metal sculpture and installation art, Borchers has developed a keen eye for color, balance, and symmetry, critical in the creation of the sculptures.
Since 2002, Borchers has created sculptures that have been exhibited in major cities throughout the USA and have been purchased for collections in cities abroad, including: Paris, Moscow, Toronto, Mexico City, and Shanghai.

Borchers work has been written about in major publications, including:

  • Le Soleil Magazine- November 2009
  • The Los Angeles Times- April 2009
  • The Miami Herald- August 2006
  • The New York Times- March 2006
Private and public collections include:

  • Pearl Lam- Contrasts Galleries, Shanghai
  • Steve Wynn- Wynn Hotels, Las Vegas
  • Todd Oldham- Designer, New York City
  • Cindy Sherman- Photographer, New York City
  • Dana Galler- Design Studio Furniture, Chicago

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Going Pink for Breast Cancer Research

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The Best Made Sleeper Sofas

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The Most Beautiful and Artistic Furniture Finishes

Capo d' Opera is a luxury furniture manufacturer in Italy. The thing, I find most impressive about their pieces is not only their superior craftsmanship and quality, but their ability to make furniture into a work of art.

"Capo d' Opera continues its formal and stylish search by speeding times up and presenting a texture collection with a very high artistic ad handcraft value. Like no other company before, we have started a daring foray into decoration... This is the reason why we focused on how to dress, tailor-like, our pieces of furniture using particular finishes, printings and applications, which create surprising and unexpected results. Surfaces is the outcome of such a reflection. Our research has been an amusing and enthralling dive into signs, thoughts and manipulations. We opened art books and fashion magazines, we scribbled new graffiti and involved skilled craftsmen."

The Capo d' Opera "Surfaces" collection consists of 6 creative categories.

  • Creative Printing: new dresses for your interiors, new styles to interpret. Floral, art deco; baroque, optical, colonial, the sixties.
  • Creative 3D: a project of new signs, engraved into and hollowed out of the matter.
    Speeding up times, Capo
    D'Opera interprets the best of design with
    a 3D dimension study.
  • Elegance Edition: a new experience of creation: stylish, calibrated, experimental.
    The aim is to reveal the matter, eroded, stroked, lacked
    A delicate contrast, a moving
  • Pop Edition:  Fantasy, daring, decor, non-sense.
    Free interpretation of a wish for uniqueness.
  • Limited Edition:  Fantasy, daring, decor, non-sense.
    Free interpretation of a wish for uniqueness.
  • Special Edition:  Fantasy, daring, decor, non-sense.
    Free interpretation of a wish for uniqueness.
Just a few of the various options...


Example of how the 3D collection works:

1. Pick from a large variety of designs

2. Choose your finish colors:  

engraved decoration in the following finishes:
- Matt lacquered decoration and panel in all Capo D'Opera colours (same colour)
- Matt lacquered decoration and panel in all Capo D'Opera colours (2 colours)
- decoration in foil finish on Matt lacquered panel in all Capo D'Opera colours
for all collections


     3. Your piece is created!    

If artistic designs are not quite your taste, all of these pieces are also available in one of many matt or high gloss lacquer finishes.

The options are endless!

Contact Design Studio Furniture for more information on this collection.

    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Beautiful New Collections Just In From Italy!!

    The "One and Only" Bedroom collection! Modern Luxury and Beauty
    This collection is on display in both Design Studio Furniture Showrooms.

    Please contact us for dimensions, options, and pricing.

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    The Ultimate Bauhaus Doghouse: The Cubix

    I am always looking at new products for the Modern home lovers...I came across this blog and thought it was fabulous. Check out this ultra modern doghouse!

    We've seen Bauhaus inspired Doll houses, miniature model homes, bikes and now, an abode for the pooch.

    You may not want to drop thousands of dollars on a doghouse, but if you can (or are crazy enough to), this one is a beauty. Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, the spacious CUBIX is a hand built modern house for large or small dogs.

    Designed by an architect, and entirely hand-crafted, the modern doghouse is made of wood and glass. The home has a seemingly free-floating roof with built-in water drainage as well as a cleaning flap on the back.

    The house is one of four luxurious styles designed and manufactured by the German company Best Friend's Home, and is available in three sizes.

    One of four style homes from Best Friend's Home, other impressive designs include a Fairytale castle, a Traditional Colonial, A Georgian Manor or they will create a custom one for you.

    Check out this blog for more pictures and more info http://ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com/2009/10/ultimate-bauhaus-doghouse-cubix.html